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General Practice Data for Planning and Research Posted on 7 Feb 2022

NHS Digital are planning to start sharing GP Practice information on the 1st July 2021.  While sharing of GP Patient information is not a new thing the way that NHS Digital are intending to do this has changed, so they are sharing the details of this, so patients have the option of opting out.

The key points that should be understood are

  • All data in anonymised so the shared data, outside NHS Digital, CANNOT be used to identify an individual patient
  • The patients name and address are NOT collected
  • The data is only shared for health and care purposes, it is NEVER shared with insurance or marketing organisations 

The information about what is being shared is available here

if you choose to opt out the form to complete is available here

This will need to be returned by the 23rd June 2021 if you do not wish any data to be collected, after this date no further information will be gathered after the form is submitted.

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