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  • 18 Jan 2022

    Towcesters Carers Coffee Morning

    Towcester Carers Coffee Morning 2nd Wednesday of every month 10-12 at the Saracens Head

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  • 12 Nov 2021

    Flu Vaccines

    We have appointments at Brook for patients requiring Flu vaccines

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  • 11 Nov 2021

    Covid Vaccine Booster

    Due to the 15 minute wait time after receiving the covid vaccine we are only able to run limited clinics.  Therefore, if patients can go online or ring 119 they were be advised of local Vaccination centres, who are set up for these clinics.

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  • 22 Aug 2021

    Changes to Repeat Prescription Ordering - 6th September 2021

    We are making some changes to the repeat prescription ordering process so have prepared this document to describe the system that we are implementing from 6th September 2021. Patients often ask why a prescription takes time to issue. Surely it is a matter of just printing it off and signing it! Unfortunately, this is not the case. Prescriptions are important medical documents, and the doctor needs to perform a number of checks before signing them in order to ensure the best possible care to the patient. These checks vary and may include blood tests or Blood pressure checks. We are currently in the process of phasing out ordering of repeat prescriptions over the telephone. I hope that this short guide will help explain the prescription process at the practice. REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS Please allow two working days (48 hours) notice for repeat prescription processing. Ensure you have enough medication when requesting a repeat prescription and remember to include enough to cover for Bank Holiday closures. If you are going on holiday, please put your request in at least a week ahead and indicate on the slip the date that you are going away. If requesting a one-off prescription this may occasionally take longer than two working days (48 hours) as they need to be re-authorised by a clinician. Housebound patients - We will accept calls between 9.30 and midday for those patients we have registered at the practice as Housebound, telephone (01327) 323924. If the clinician has indicated that you need to be seen prior to your next prescription it is because you require medical checks in order to assess that the medication that you are on is still correct. In this case, please arrange a triage call to see a clinician two weeks before your medication is due.

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  • 3 Jun 2021

    General Practice Data for Planning and Research

    How and why NHS Digital collects, analyses, publishes and shares data collected from GP practices for planning and research.

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  • 11 May 2021

    Surgery Update from the Partners, Practice Manager and staff

    Recently, there has been a lot of false information and GP bashing in the media. We, as a practice, have remained seeing patients face to face on a medical need basis throughout the whole pandemic. Yes - accessing the surgery has been in a different way but if someone has needed seen, they have been. Any changes were brought in to protect the staff to ensure continuity of service we deliver to our patients - sick staff = no service. Our GPs, nurse practitioners, Pharmacists, nurses, health care assistants and many other team members have all seen people throughout the last 15 months and this is not going to change. Our workload has increased hugely since this time last year, not taking into account that we have delivered over 2,500 flu vaccinations in the Autumn and 5,000 Covid vaccines since January as well. Please understand that every member of the practice team has gone above and beyond their job, sometimes at a cost to themselves (and sometimes their family) to ensure that the patients get the best possible care that we can deliver. We do not have any control over hospital appointments, operations or delivery of Covid vaccinations, so please don't shout at us if you can't get what you need at that time - we truly understand your frustrations as we have to try to navigate the system on a daily basis, often with the same outcomes as you. We will get things wrong occasionally, and are happy to look into anything we could do better, but we never set out to annoy or upset anyone. Our Doctors and staff are tired. We've been through the same things that you have in this pandemic whilst working harder than ever before and a little understanding and appreciation can go a long way. Shouting or swearing will not be tolerated and can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. We ask that you be kind to anyone you come in to contact with at the surgery - we are trying our best to make sure every patient gets what they need and the many, many lovely patients we speak to make the job very worthwhile.

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  • 23 Mar 2021


    Commencing April 1st, we are introducing a new on-line system to complement our services for any non urgent query.

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  • 9 Feb 2021


    Are you struggling to buy food due to money problems? Phone 07724 832043 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 10.00 am and 11.30 am. For urgent cases outside these hours go to and leave a message.

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  • 17 Mar 2020


    Important Information regarding Coronavirus

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