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Changes to Repeat Prescription Ordering - 6th September 2021 Posted on 7 Feb 2022

We are making some changes to the repeat prescription ordering process so have prepared this document to describe the system that we are implementing from 6th September 2021.

Patients often ask why a prescription takes time to issue. Surely it is a matter of just printing it off and signing it!  Unfortunately, this is not the case. Prescriptions are important medical documents, and the doctor needs to perform a number of checks before signing them in order to ensure the best possible care to the patient.

These checks vary and may include blood tests or Blood pressure checks.

We are currently in the process of phasing out ordering of repeat prescriptions over the telephone.

I hope that this short guide will help explain the prescription process at the practice.


Please allow two working days (48 hours) notice for repeat prescription processing. Ensure you have enough medication when requesting a repeat prescription and remember to include enough to cover for Bank Holiday closures.

If you are going on holiday, please put your request in at least a week ahead and indicate on the slip the date that you are going away.

If requesting a one-off prescription this may occasionally take longer than two working days (48 hours) as they need to be re-authorised by a clinician.

Housebound patients - We will accept calls between 9.30 and midday for those patients we have registered at the practice as Housebound, telephone (01327) 323924.

If the Clinician has indicated that you need to be seen prior to your next prescription it is because you require medical checks in order to assess that the medication that you are on is still correct. In this case, please arrange a triage call to see a Clinician two weeks before your medication is due.

How to Request a Repeat Prescription

  • Prior to requesting a repeat prescription, you will be asked to nominate a pharmacy, who will receive your prescription electronically.  All prescriptions will be sent directly to this nominated pharmacy.
  • Your request can be made by returning the side computer slip that came with your last prescription; and putting it into our letterbox at the practice.  If you are attending the practice and do not have a copy then please complete the repeat prescription request slip which are left in the lobby and place it into the box.
  • As an alternative the use of the Online Request form, found on our website, can be used.  Pre-registration to use the online service is required.  You may request your repeat prescription from the online service, and this will be sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy
  • Please indicate clearly which of the items you require and allow two working days (48 hours) for processing and 48 hours for the pharmacist to prepare your medication.


If you are prescribed new medication by a Hospital Consultant, the hospital will write to the surgery and inform your GP as to the details of your new medication.

This will take some time, so in the meantime the hospital may, or may not, issue a limited supply of medication to see you through. If you have not received the medication from the hospital, it means that the medication is not urgent, so please bring the paperwork to the surgery and allow 2 working days for processing.

In any event you will be given a copy of the hospital prescription to bring in to your GP. Please do this as soon as you are able in order for us to enter the information on your medical record. We are unable to issue you with any further prescriptions for the medication prescribed by the hospital until in receipt of this information.


If a patient reports that medication has been lost or stolen, a written statement is required from the patient. The doctor may not always agree to a re-issue. A register of lost or stolen medication is kept in the surgery.  The practice will ask for a police incident number if the lost or stolen medication was for controlled drugs, to ensure that this a legitimate request before issuing a replacement.

If you do require assistance regarding your prescription the prescription clerks will be pleased to help you.

Yours Sincerely

Jane Earl – Practice Manager

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